living room

If you are worried that your living room is too small, we can help you.  There are plenty of ways you can make it look, feel and be bigger.

Make everything smaller

It sounds strange, but downsizing your furniture, can make your room look smaller.  If the furniture takes up a lot of space, the room will look small.  Avoid this by getting smaller couches, smaller rugs and smaller tables.

Keep it low

When the furniture is low to the ground the room looks more open. And an open room looks bigger! That is why we keep furniture smaller, and lower to the ground.

Open bottoms

Exposing legs of furniture can make a living room look bigger.  Couch skirts can bring the room in and make a living room look small and closed-in.  Keeping the entire floor exposed makes sure you get the most from your space.

Mirrors everywhere

Mirrors reflect light.  They can make the room look bigger.  Adding one or two to your living room in an open concept home, can make your living room look much larger!

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